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Case Study: Dominating the Bay Area's Search Results

A prominent valet parking service sought to be the number 1 ranked company in the greater Bay Area's competitive market.

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    Dominating the Bay Area's Search Results
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A Success Story with Valet Parking Service

Company Overview

A prominent valet parking service sought to be the number 1 ranked company in the greater Bay Area's competitive market. While offering top-tier services spanning nine primary counties, they grappled with standing out among numerous providers both organically and in paid search results.


The competitive landscape of valet services in the Bay Area made it difficult for our client to secure and maintain the coveted top positions in organic and paid search engine results across 30 plus cities and towns. The challenge was not just to reach the top of the SERPS but to ensure a lasting presence there.


  • Establish and uphold a strong organic search presence throughout the 9 main counties of the Bay Area
  • Achieve and maintain top positions in paid search results
  • Enhance online visibility to outpace competitors consistently


Redpath Labs devised a comprehensive online marketing strategy capitalizing on both organic and paid search channels.

1. Website Overhaul
Our team implemented a complete revamp of the client's website, optimizing it for both user experience and search engine visibility. This included a mobile-optimized, responsive design and streamlined navigation to ensure the smoothest user journey.

2. Organic Landing Page Creation
To capture organic traffic, we built targeted landing pages for each of the nine counties. These pages were meticulously crafted with SEO best practices, ensuring they were rich in relevant keywords and phrases to attract organic searches specific to each locality.

3. Paid Traffic Campaigns
Our paid search strategy involved granular targeting and continuous optimization. We utilized geo-targeted ads and bid strategies to ensure prominence in search results within the specific counties, always aiming for the highest possible ROI.

4. Targeted Link Building
To bolster the site's authority and improve organic rankings, we engaged in a targeted link-building campaign. By securing high-quality backlinks from reputable sites relevant to the valet and parking services industry, we strengthened the overall SEO profile of the client's site.


The execution of our multi-layered approach yielded unprecedented and sustained success:

  • The client has consistently maintained position 1 and 2 rankings on Google and Bing for key terms related to valet parking services across the targeted counties for over 10 years.
  • A commanding organic and paid search presence that has withstood the test of time and industry fluctuations.
  • A solidified status as the top valet service provider in the eyes of online searchers throughout the Bay Area.


Through a strategic fusion of organic SEO practices and targeted paid search tactics, Redpath Labs didn't just rise to the challenge; we carved out a decade-long legacy of search dominance for our valet parking client. This case study is a testament to the enduring power of a well-crafted digital marketing plan executed by a team committed to their client's lasting visibility and success.

"For over a decade now, our search rankings are the best in the Bay Area by far. We continue to benefit from being the default valet parking provider for corporate and special event valet."
Roy Nickolai
All About Parking | Founder and CEO

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