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Case Study: 127% Lead Increase in 60 Days

How Redpath Labs Amplified Lead Generation for a Genetic Testing Company

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    Genetic Testing Leads Increased by 127%
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    Genetic Testing
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Client Profile

A pioneering genetic testing company offering cutting-edge personalized health solutions. Operating in a highly competitive market, they sought to distinguish their services and capture a larger market share.


The genetic testing industry is saturated with numerous service providers, making it challenging for companies to stand out. Our client was struggling to differentiate their unique offerings from rivals and reach their target audience effectively. As a result, lead flow was sluggish, impacting their potential for sales and growth.


  • Increase online lead generation to fuel business growth
  • Differentiate the client's brand in the competitive marketplace
  • Optimize advertising spend and improve ROI


Redpath Labs, armed with expertise in online marketing and lead generation, crafted a multifaceted strategy to address the client's challenges.

1. Fresh Ad Creative
We developed compelling ad creative that resonated with the target demographic. By highlighting the unique selling propositions of our client's services and the personal impact of their genetic testing, we created a narrative that stood out in the crowded market.

2. Custom Facebook List Development
Utilizing advanced audience segmentation, we created highly targeted custom lists on Facebook to reach potential customers more effectively. This ensured that our campaigns were shown to those most likely to engage with the client's brand, increasing the relevancy and effectiveness of the ads.

3. Landing Page Optimization
Continuous A/B testing of landing pages helped us identify the most persuasive elements and calls-to-action that converted visitors into leads. This iterative process was key to refining the user experience and messaging to drive conversions.

4. Backend Email Follow-up Campaigns
We revamped the client's email follow-up sequences, using data-driven insights to nurture leads through tailored content. By delivering relevant information and engaging narratives, we kept the potential customers connected and primed for booking.


The implementation of these targeted strategies led to outstanding outcomes within a 60-day window:

  • A significant surge in online lead flow by 127%
  • Thousands of new bookings every month as campaigns scaled profitably
  • Enhanced brand differentiation in a competitive market


The 60-day intensive strategy overhaul by Redpath Labs enabled the genetic testing company to dramatically increase their lead generation and cast a more memorable brand image in a saturated market. The success story underscores the impact of innovative online marketing approaches and the importance of constant optimization in achieving measurable results.

“Because of the online campaign, we needed to open new locations.”
Ryan H

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