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Case Study: Outreach Campaign Powers Market Expansion for Cardiac Monitoring Device

A pioneering Cardiac Monitoring medical device company aimed to scale their operations and penetrate new markets nationwide.

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    Outreach Campaign Powers Market Expansion for Medical Device Company
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Client Overview

A pioneering Cardiac Monitoring medical device company aimed to scale their operations and penetrate new markets nationwide. Amid a highly competitive sector, their cutting-edge devices required more visibility in busy clinics, and their specialized sales force needed to focus their efforts more effectively.


The medical device market is complex, with an array of providers vying for the attention of busy medical professionals. The client was seeking a strategy that would cut through the noise, efficiently reach decision-makers in clinics across the country, and relieve the sales team from the time-consuming initial outreach processes.


  • Streamline the process of reaching out to new clinics and medical professionals, making the contact as time-efficient as possible
  • Efficiently communicate the unique benefits of the cardiac monitoring device to busy doctors
  • Generate substantial annual recurring revenue from new clinic partnerships


Redpath Labs designed a targeted outreach marketing campaign that harnessed the power of precise messaging.

1. Compelling Outreach Copy
Our marketing specialists crafted and tested multiple variations of outreach copy to determine what resonated best with busy doctors and clinic administrators. The messaging focused on the distinctive value proposition of the devices – time efficiency, patient outcomes, and clinic revenue enhancement.

2. Strategic Outreach Execution
Through careful market analysis, we identified the key clinic networks and individual players to target. Our team employed a suite of outreach tools and channels to disseminate the crafted message effectively, allowing for broad yet pinpointed exposure.


Our strategic outreach approach reaped exceptional rewards:

  • The client experienced a marked reduction in the sales team’s time spent on initial outreach efforts, allowing them to dedicate more time to nurturing qualified leads and closing deals.
  • The compelling value proposition communicated through the outreach campaign captivated the attention of busy doctors, resulting in a significant increase in clinic partnerships.
  • An impressive $500,000 in annual recurring revenue was generated from the expanded clinic network — a lucrative leap forward for our client.


The swift and successful market expansion orchestrated by Redpath Labs demonstrates the power of a highly targeted outreach campaign. By effectively communicating the benefits of our client's cardiac monitoring devices and unlocking new clinic partnerships, we helped pave the way for a prosperous and more efficient sales process. The half a million in annual recurring revenue attests to the potential of specialized marketing strategies in the competitive medical device landscape.

“We opened new partnerships with several of the largest cardiac clinics in the United States with leads Redpath Labs generated. Excellent work"
Casey S
Vice President of Sales

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